Before I go further I would like to tell of a cop who was a saint and that man was Mick Nieman. Since I was 16 he was there for me and never laid a hand on me. He mentored me. He helped me with me and 15 years later he was still there when my first daughter took off. The only way I knew that she was OK was because he would check up on her through her drivers license and let me know that “Donna she”s OK, she”s in Edmonchuck” he always called it. And for him I will always be grateful. He had a handful with me but he never turned his back on me and never treated me any less than a lady. RIP. It doesnt take a good cop to do what he did for me, it took a GOOD MAN. A good man who happened to be a cop. You have to be a good person to be a good cop.

I watched Mick grab my first husband by the throat and roll down two flights of stairs with him for hitting me. If he heard it was me on that radio he was there. When he tried to take my first baby away Mick was there, grabbed that little girl out of his arms and put her in mine. I was still a child. He went in and brought out everything that was hers. That’s the way he was with me. A good man, helping someone in trouble.

The last time I saw Mick was a few weeks before he died. He was so happy that I was finally with someone who was good to me and looked after me. These cops will never get away with killing him.

That’s why these “cops”, especially Lindsay Fraser, are rotten, dispicablie, deplorable, diabolical human beings. They think it’s a game out there. I truly hope and pray it all blows up in their ugly faces.

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